Frequently Asked Questions

why aren't there more bible translations to choose from?

Little do people know, but it cost money to use any translation other than the King James version of the Bible due to copyright laws – Yes, even the New King James version requires usage rights. Most every Bible translation, including the New International Version (NIV), requires a subscription cost for use and a royalty per unit. This is why the NIV application cost money in the app store; because those who took the time to translate the Bible require a payment for each download. We are thankful to partners like Biblica for the partnership and approval to use the NIV for Sword of the Spirit.

How (or why) can't I get more bible verses (topics or trivia)?

Sword of the Spirit was designed to use the 100-most searched for verses in the Bible according to Bible Gateway. Because Sword of the Spirit was produced and funded by an individual and not a company, the game is limited in its size and scope. More verses, various topics, practice rounds and trivia type questions are all things we have considered and have received suggestions for. That said, to roll out such an expansion in both the two versions of English, one version of Spanish and one version of Chinese translations is currently cost prohibitive. If you would like to volunteer to promote or advance such development, feel free to contact us on ways to help.

is this available on android devices?

Although not under the same management, a light version of the game was developed as a test pilot in the Google Play marketplace. The version has been successful and can be accessed here.