People involved with Sword of the Spirit include:

Game Design and branding: Matt Coffman

Art Direction: Greggory Payseno

Spiritual Council: Pastor Russ Frase

Business Leadership: Brad Hawkins

Piloting the Android Market: Bob Cleaves

iOS Programming: High Order Bit, Duck and Penguin

Sound Engineering: Ben Long

3-D Design: Dorn Chamberlain

Thanks also to my amazing family for their support.


“The wise person makes learning a joy”
— Proverbs 15:2


Sword of the Spirit was developed by a marketing individual with the the desire for a fun, easy way to memorize scripture. While talking with a friend who was an Java developer, the first 'light' version of Sword of the Spirit was programmed for the Android Marketplace in 2010. Within days, Sword of the Spirit had 100's of downloads and encouraged the advancement and investment for an Apple version of the Bible-based training software.


In 2012 Sword of the Spirit went live on the (Apple) App Marketplace. The iOS version of the game was completely redeveloped for the iPhone and iPad. A sound engineer, a d 3-D designer and an iOS programmer were hired to expand the experience of the game and offer Apple consumers a sophisticated, ad-free Bible training software.


In 2014, Sword of the Spirit received approval from Biblica to utilize the NIV scripture and additional advancements were made to the game, including retina-display graphics. Two other translations grew from this milestone as well: A Chinese and a Spanish version!

The Future

Because Sword of the Spirit was developed and funded by an individual, no other advancements are scheduled at this time. If you would like to support the advancement of Sword of the Spirit, feel free to check out our volunteer page.

If you have any other questions, comments or feedback, feel free to contact us. God Bless you in your journey of faith.