the engaging way to learn scripture


An interactive, fun way to learn the 100 top-most searched for scriptures in the Bible.

Sword of the Spirit is an interactive game that tests your knowledge of the 100-most searched for scripture verses in the Bible. Sword of the Spirit challenges you with 20 randomly-selected verses and keeps track of your score through a fun and interactive gameplay. Unlock medals and trophies until you reach the coveted, Sword of the Spirit award. Click here to download it today on the app store.

“Playing this game is exciting and entertaining.
I thank GOD for the game developers.
If you have not played it, start now.”
— ★★★★★ LovemBible

Solid Five-Star Review on Apple's App Store.

"One of a kind, fun, and creative use of implementing the word of God in an entertaining way... Hope more Christian game makers step up and make more games and be proud to be heirs of an everlasting God whose authority is supreme! Where are you men women of God? Make yourselves known."



"To have a tool like this at your fingertips is indeed a blessing! With darkness so pervasive in this world, a chance to imprint and change our minds daily anywhere, anytime is awesome... thank you Jesus for committed people like the ones who devised this app!"



"Excellent app. Great game design. Helps you learn instead of just confirming what you already know/do not know. Great graphics and sound. Soothing and energizing at the same time! A good Bible bath for the end of the day and a great alternative to end-of-night facebooking."



"This app is fabulous. It's very well done and a relaxing, enjoyable way to internalize the most precious words ever written to mankind. The layout is gorgeous and the medals rank and trophies are a nice touch. Should appeal to all ages... AND it's FREE. Thank you!"



ad-free, bible memorization gameplay

Sword of the Spirit is an ad-free Bible training game available in English (KJ, NIV), Spanish (RVC) and Chinese (CNV).


Two Translations 

Sword of the Spirit is offered in both King James (KJ) and New International Version (NIV) translations. For more information on translations, visit the FAQ page.


stunning graphics

High-definition graphics, smooth, easy-to-understand gameplay and soothing, high-quality sound make this game enjoyable and fun for all believers of all ages.


measure your growth

Unlock medals and trophies as you work toward the Sword of the Spirit ranking. The Trophy Case will help you measure your growth as learn to memorize the word of God.

three languages

Sword of the Spirit is available in three languages, English, Spanish and Chinese. English version are KJ and NIV. Spanish is the RVC version and Chinese is in the CNV version.

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Feel free to contact us about Sword of the Spirit. For more information, be sure to check out the links at the bottom of the page. These links include a FAQ'shistory, and volunteer section of the website. Thank you for your support!

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